5 Steps from Corporate Hell to Freedom & Fun

Using Your Current Expertise as a Stepping Stone to a Purposeful Working Life

What is the purpose of this book and what could the benefits be for you, dear reader?

Well, it is to:

  • inspire you to take action
  • give you one possible vision of your future
  • highlight how and why your mindset also has to change
  • help you get there, step-by-step
  • finally live that purposeful work life

All of which is based on the true story, journey and experiences of the author

Available as a Paperback or in Kindle eBook format
“Hey Matthew, I read the book last night. At 4am i couldn’t sleep! I think the book is great!”Mike S, Zurich, Switzerland
“Finished your book last night and couldn’t get to sleep as I sat in bed thinking about it. It’s great.”
Michael C, Manchester, England
“It’s actually very very good.” Mark S, Zurich, Switzerland
“I’ve set aside some time this morning to read the book – like it very much!”Raymond H, Basel, Switzerland
“REALLY ENJOYING the read”Rob A, London, UK.
“I enjoyed your book! Your story is very encouraging and motivating.”Rhonda M, USA

What you will Learn

The first chapter of each Step focuses on why the step is important, but also on how you work. Here, you should discover what you may be feeling and what you may start thinking about, in order to prepare yourself for what is coming

The second chapter in each Step is all about the actual work undertaken in that Step; in other words, the what. This is very much the easier part.

What You Will Learn about Yourself:
  • How to convince yourself to start the journey
  • Why you need to become more humble, and how
  • How to gain strength and more find time
  • How to identify your true beliefs
  • How to find alignment in what you are doing

What You Will Learn about Your Work:
  • Test and validate your initial idea, without risking everything
  • Commit and win your first mandate
  • Buildup and grow a portfolio of clients sustainably
  • Walk away from bad clients to get time to invest in your future
  • Work on multiple startups with people you have fun working with

And what an experience that will be! Why are experiences important? Because life is no longer about what we have, but rather the experiences we have had getting where we are.

Who should read it?

Clearly anyone who is currently employed in the corporate world that

  • Connector.Connector.

    ... is fed up with the corporate world

  • Connector.Connector.

    ... believes there has to be a better way

  • Connector.Connector.

    ... has started an idea, but is struggling to get it moving

  • Connector.Connector.

    ... wants to start a new venture but is unsure

  • Connector.Connector.

    ... is concerned they don't have what it takes

  • Connector.Connector.

    ... is interested in real-life stories about entrepreneurship

The book will also appeal to

  • Connector.Connector.


  • Connector.Connector.

    Coaches & Trainers

  • Connector.Connector.


  • Connector.Connector.

    Experienced Entrepreneurs

  • Connector.Connector.

    Angel Investors

  • Connector.Connector.

    Venture Capitalist

“I have finished your book yesterday and I have to say that I had planned to read maybe 40 pages but couldn’t stop myself and finished the last 100 pages so fast I couldn’t believe it!!!

There are so many things that I agree with and that are familiar… I like the being humble part I believe it is very very very important but not always easy ;)!

I also love the morning routine funny enough I have started mine (a bit different but along the same lines) 2 months ago and I am feeling so different and more balanced and happier! Also I did give myself a Xmas present, it is called “A year of Gratitude”… It has a little journal and Thank you cards it really is all about becoming aware of the things that we should be grateful for.

Your book also made me a little sad, as I felt reminded of a person I was before having children. I am not saying I was constantly on the go. But compared to the last 6 years I was so much more involved with different things looking for new adventures and always always curious as well as driven to learn. I actually felt that the only reason for leaving the perfect job (it felt perfect at the time) was because I couldn’t learn anything new anymore…

I think I’m slowly finding my way back and your book has greatly inspired me or woken up some parts of me that have been sleeping for a while 🙂

Thank you so so much for letting me read your book!!!

5 Steps First Chapter Free

Download the first chapter for free, take your time to digest the feel of the book before you buy.

Take A Look Inside

Hi Matthew,

I’m sure you are interested in my honest experience with your book and I won’t offer anything else 😀

I chose to support your endeavour because I perceive that our values are aligned. I didn’t know what to expect, however, I started with some bias and distance as I thought I’m making you a favour 😀

To my surprise the book actually have a very uplifting effect on me! There were moments when I was getting irritated reading about the “obvious” (well, at least to me), nevertheless, you share a lot of things which I was not aware of. You offer field proven mix of practical advice rooted in lots of emergent knowledge (Teal, new economy etc…). It’s hard for me to admit that you are pioneering what I just trickle down and preach about to corporations! I appreciate biographical aspect of the book and an opportunity to witness your journey to freedom and fun. You encouraged me to throw myself into unknown and pursue my longing to find my unique purpose. I still play it safe right now 😉

I also love the way how you promote your business. At no point during reading I felt manipulated – I see it as an important achievement.

I’m thankful for all the tips and tools which I was not aware of. I’m convinced I will be coming back to this book for an inspiration or a check list.

Congratulations! I’m convinced the book will find their readers and they will be thankful that you wrote it. I am.

All the best Matthew!”Dariusz K, Cracow, Poland

About the Author

I completed university in 1992, having studied computer science. I was by any account, a computer geek. You know the type, lived in the cellar, did not really talk to anyone.

After a while however, you realise that there is more to life.

So after ten years in IT consulting, the highlight clearly working on the Channel Tunnel, I went on to fulfil almost every IT role possible, in different software companies.

It all began to change for me in 20010-11. Although I did not know it at the time. During this period, I was fully exposed to corporate hell. I had to get out.

So in 2011, at the age of 41, I became self employed and slowly built up a reputation as an Agile consultant, coach & trainer with an ever-expanding-network and as a result, the company boomed in 2014.

In 2014 I also became more aware of my deep values and passions and wanted to work on new ideas that had an even higher sense-of-purpose. So, I brought together people to help do that with me (not for me!) in freedom and with fun.

Now in 2016, I am able to look back on that entire experience, that journey and share it with you, in the hope of inspiring you to also leave corporate hell and find freedom and fun, working on things that are more meaningful and purposeful.

Privately, I am English, from a little picturesque village between Liverpool and Manchester. Today, I live in Zurich, Switzerland where surprisingly it rains x2 as much as in England. It is of course here in Switzerland where I love to walk, hike, mountain bike and if possible ski – I should simply get into the mountains more often!

When I am not doing that I can be found, as those that know me, in some remote North West part of Scotland, fishing for anything that bites.

Available as a Paperback or in Kindle eBook format


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The charity will be the UK registered charity MacIntyre:

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